International Travel Tips for First Timers

International Travel Tips for First timers

International trips can be very exciting and very much entertaining. They are like a dream come true and people get very excited when they book their flight tickets to their dream destinations. But if you are also afraid of the fact that the flight tickets will cost you a fortune, then do not worry. With Indian Eagle at your service, you get the chance of booking some really cheap flight tickets with some of the most amazing offers and deals. So if you are already convinced to go on an international trip then following are some of the most useful international travel tips that you must know before you start packing and planning for your big moment ahead. These tips are mainly for all the people who often tend to get nervous while traveling for more number of days or for longer distances. So read along and know more about these useful hacks.

  • The first and the most important tip that you need to remember is that you shouldn’t be nervous at all. The moment you get nervous is the moment when you lose your focus and confidence which will end up ruining your most awaited moment and trip.
  • Exercise as much as you can before boarding. If you are a bit physically tired as you start the flight, it will help you relax faster. At least stand up and walk around in the airport before leaving. It is good if you don’t just sit and wait. This might make you feel free and you will not feel frozen or stiff.
  • Try to adapt to the destination time zone while on the flight. I find it helps just to think in the new time zone as the hours go by. “It will be 6:00pm when we arrive at the hotel – it is 1:00pm now.
  • Dress for comfort on the flight, and appropriately for the weather of your arrival country. Boarding in a heavy shirt and jacket and landing in humid, hot, sunny tropical weather in Fiji, for example, can be a bit off-putting.
  • Scan your passport and itinerary and email them to yourself, and your partner, if you are travelling with someone. Open them and store them in your phone to keep them handy, in the event of hand luggage loss or theft.
  • Get up, move around, use the bathroom and sip your water as often as you can. If you have an Apple watch, try to follow its nagging to stand up at least every hour. Try to stand up more than that.
  • Fully charge your devices and keep the chargers in your carry-on bag. Carry power adaptors suited to any stop-over airport. You may be sitting there for a while if anything goes wrong. If you find a USB port on the plane or in the airport, it will inevitable be a 1 Amp not a modern 2.1 Amp needed to charge an iPhone.
  • Organize your passport, immigration cards, boarding passes, currency etc., before you go to sleep on the plane. You will wake up ready to land a bit bleary and need to have them all organized and handy to get off and go through Immigration and Customs.
  • If your destination hotel offers an assisted rapid immigration service – pay for it. It is really worthwhile. I’ve never had a bad one and we’ve often got through remarkably quickly. With these simple hacks and tricks, book flight tickets to anywhere around the world and Indian Eagle will help you with it.

So these were some of the most important tips to remember if you have planned an international trip for the first time. Also make sure to know that Indian Eagle is offering you not just cheap business class flights but you can also book your flights in case of emergencies at the spur of the moment. Book last minute flights and feel relieved in case of any immediate requirements. Do not worry for the prices will not reach the skies. Indian Eagle makes sure to offer you last minute flights at the cheapest price possible. So just don’t lose this opportunity and grab them as soon as you can. Like and share this article if you find it worthy. Adios!

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