5 Immediate Measures When Your Sales on Amazon Go Down

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Are you a seller on Amazon? Who is selling different products? Sales do not always point upwards. Sometimes steps are taken backwards. To make the descent smoother you can do this. One of my example is travel agency London downfall.

One of the reasons why I like to sell on Amazon is the surprise factor. You never know when the next sale is going to enter you. At first you rejoice about anything. You already feel happy if you take more than one sale per week. Then the rhythm drops to 1 sale per day and right now I already have at least one sale every hour.

You can have runs where you go up each week sales and then where you are taking steps back. When this happens, you can take the following measures.

Cut prices:

This obviously has its good side and its bad side. You gain in billing but you lose in profit. If you need liquidity this is a measure that you can take. On the one hand you will have more “yes” on the part of the buyer and on the other you will have a higher percentage in the Buy Box.

Amazon Ads:

Another measure to increase turnover in exchange for less margin. You give more visibility to your products which increases the probability of sale. This obviously has a cost but it can compensate.

Upload new listings:

There is a “simple” measure that you can carry out. The more products you have in your catalog, the more sales you will have. They are pure statistics. Ideally, products with well-known brands. Simply create your own products will not necessarily provide the same results.

Make arbitration:

This and I spoke at another time. This has its good and bad things. You can increase your catalog in theory unlimited because you do not have to have the product in stock. The negative part is that you have to have very well controlled the suppliers and their inventory to be able to meet when they make a purchase. I did it for a while but I abandoned it because of the incidents that a sale can generate. With the right tools I’m going to resume it without a doubt.

Increase Prime’s offer:

Having the seal of Prime makes your product sell more. It is estimated that Amazon has 65 million Prime customers worldwide. Many of them already directly filter by products with this label. If you do not have it, directly or appear in your search results. Despite an important load of commissions that Amazon takes in this case to me it compensates me. My sales have gone up 30-50% in products managed by Amazon.

An additional important thing you should be clear about. Between day 10 and day 25 sales always tend to fall. Why? Very easy. Because people have already spent the money from the last payroll and do not have money for more whims. That can hardly be changed. Although I admit that it costs me to accept it

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