Wondering the Reasons to Undergo Neck Lift Surgery in Delhi

Neck Lift Surgery

Having a youthful, graceful and beautifully contoured neck adds to your overall beauty. It is something that many people crave for. However, the fact is that only a few people are blessed with such a neck. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your neck then a neck lift surgery in Delhi, perhaps, can help you achieve desired look. The procedure alters the neck muscles improving the visible signs of ageing on your neck and jawline.

If you think that neck is seldom noticed, think again. It is one of those parts where signs of ageing make their first appearance. While removing double chin can make you appear a lot of weight, strengthening loose neck muscles can turn back the clock making you appear younger. If you are still wondering what this cosmetic procedure can do for you then here we bring to you two reasons to consider it.

Excess fat

This is yet another reason for people opting for this procedure. This often leads to double chin that most people want to get rid of. If you think that being overweight and double chin go hand in hand then you are wrong. In reality, double chin occurs because of natural ageing process and weight loss. Thus, even if you are thin, you can have unflattering double chin. To correct this, the surgeon will make a cut beneath your chin for removing excess fat deposit. In some cases, this excess fat deposit can also be transplanted in some other part.

Liposuction is, perhaps, the first procedure that the surgeon might perform in case several combinations are being combined. Removal of excess fat deposit through liposuction and neck lift can take almost an hour’s time. Then the incisions will be stitched and bandaged, thus make sure you adhere to the instructions given by the surgeon once the surgery is done.

Turkey Wattle Neck

Have you ever noticed those bands or loose muscles on your neck that is indicative of that fleshy part found under the turkey’s beak? That exactly is turkey wattle, and unfortunately, even people can have that too.

There are multiple factors that trigger this presence. Aging and gravity are the two prime factors. They are natural phenomenon and take a toll on your overall appearance. Environmental conditions might also worsen the overall well-being of the integrity of your skin. Exposure to extreme sunlight that speeds up the ageing process is the best example. Stress – whether physical, financial or emotional can also contribute further. In addition, smoking can also trigger turkey wattle. Heredity and obesity are other factors.

Turkey wattle is one of the biggest reasons why many people want to undergo a neck lift cosmetic surgery. For correcting this, the surgeon will make an incision behind ears and under chin foe accessing neck muscles and manipulates them accordingly. In some cases, muscles are also removed. Permanent sutures might be done for holding the tissue in place.

In addition these two reasons, there are other reasons too to perform neck lift surgery. As far as neck lift cost in India goes, it depends on several factors like the surgeon’s fee, type pf method used, facility charges, among others.

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