Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi–How to Choose One?

cosmetic surgery in India

Your choice of best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi would emerge as a choice you will live for years to come, if not the entire life. A successful plastic surgery procedure will not only boost your self-confidence but also make you feel more like yourself. On the other hand, if you end up being in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, chances are that you will experience poor results of the cosmetic surgery in Delhi, which can add to your time, costs and distress.

Here we bring to you a quick guide that would help you in choosing a best plastic surgeon in Delhi.

Board-certification is essential

There are many people out there who think that they can rely on state medical board for ensuring that cosmetic surgeons are qualified to perform the surgeries, however the fact is that the government does not need a plastic surgeon to be particularly trained in the procedure being offered. This particular problem is acute in the cosmetic branch of the medicine, as many surgeons with general surgery as well as medical training hop on the bandwagon of cosmetic surgery in pursuit of high profits.

We believe that patients considering cosmetic procedures require a dependable way to find out if their surgeon is experienced and properly trained in cosmetic surgery.

Find out about the experience of the surgeon in the specific procedure you want

Each area of plastic and cosmetic surgery is different and thus requires different skills. You can imagine how operating on a nose with breathing passages, bones and cartilages will be different from operating on a breast that is made of soft tissue. Taking same into account, plastic surgeons can have subspecialties in the field of cosmetic or plastic surgery. Not only you should stress on choosing a board-certified surgeon but also one who has substantial experience in the procedure you want to undergo.

Questions you can ask a surgeon?

  • For how many years have you been performing this surgery?
  • How did you train in the procedure?
  • How many times have you performed the procedure?
  • Do you have before and after photos of the patients?
  • Can you provide reference of patients who underwent this procedure?

Aesthetic sense of the cosmetic surgeon matters a lot

We all know that what one find beautiful and attractive might be unattractive to the other. It is primarily because of this reason that you should not solely depend on the experience of the surgeon or friend’s recommendation. You have to carefully analysis the results for each surgeon you meet.

Here are different ways in which you can determine aesthetic sense of the surgeon.

Pay careful attention to those patients who have similar qualities like you:

Breast procedures – Look for patients having similar breast and torso shape like breast augmentation.

Examine before and after photos – Compare results of the each surgeon for the procedure you are considering.

Facial procedures–Look for patients who are approximately your age, have same facial structure and have same problems and reasons for undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

In this way you can compare patients for different procedures on the basis of the one you want to undergo.

Find out about how the operating facility works

This is extremely crucial as the type of equipment and tools a cosmetic surgeon has would determine the results of the procedure. Make sure the surgeon you choose is well-equipped with the latest tools and equipment required to perform cosmetic procedures.

These are some of the many ways in which you can compare and choose a cosmetic surgeon in Delhi, India. A smart and wise decision can help you achieve beyond satisfactory results for the procedure.

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