Which Is Better – A Freelancer Re-toucher or a Photo Retouching Company – And Why?

One thing that differentiates a professional photograph from an amateur photograph is the time spent in editing the image. A photo re-toucher spends a lot of time in working on a picture after it has been clicked, so that it looksperfect.

When we talk about retouching photographs, the first thing that hits our mind is whom to approach. There are two options available. One is getting in touch with a photo retouching company, and the other is to hire a freelancer who is good at retouching.

Both the options have their own pros and cons. As a customer, I will look at a number of things before assigning the contract to either of the two. Some of them would be cost, timeframe, quality, tools and experience. Let us look at advantages and disadvantages of both.

How a Freelancer can Help in Retouching your Pictures?

A freelancer is someone who works on multiple projects and can give you extra time. He/ she could be working from home or from a remote location at his/her own convenience. This means that a good freelancer can stretch a little and give you a before-time delivery.

Working with a freelancer can cut down your other expenses. Apart from the actual work, companies charge for several other things. This includes the office space, employee salary, electricity and other overheads, thus giving you a hefty bill at the end. The freelancer charges only for the services rendered, which will definitely be lesser than a photo retouching company.

Where does a Freelancer Fall Short?

Cost is of course one of the most important aspect of any project. But apart from the cost, a freelancer might not be able to give you the authenticity and required customer support. They work on different projects and once the payment has been released, they might not be available for any other assistance.

Freelancers work on many projects, and if you like a particular freelancer’s work, he/she might not be available later. Working independently puts certain restrictions on the freelancer and may not be able to take up large volume order. These restrictions include time frame, infrastructure, high-end software and many more.

You will have to hunt for a new person each time whenever you have a retouching job. Also, hiring a new freelancer is not easy. You will have to do a small background check and work experience of that person too. After all, you will be equally responsible for the freelancer’s quality of work.

How a Photo Retouching Company Can be a Better Choice?

A photo retouching company is more authentic and reliable than a freelancer. You can contact them anytime in need and look at their portfolio of services. This would give you an idea about the quality of work along with their turnaround time.

Project handling capacity of a photo retouching company will be better than that of a freelancer. Some companies also offer free trial and discounts on bulk order. A company will have all infrastructure and software in place, which a freelancer might not have.

In a Nutshell

Hiring a photo retouching company seems to be a better choice if time, quality and reliability is on your mind. At the end of the day, you want a good job without any compromises. Sometimes even the best of cameras can leave you dissatisfied. This is where re-touchers help.

Professional photo editors undergo years of training and make a name in the retouching industry. Experienced photo re-touchers promise a flawless job. Whether it is taking away blemishes, wrinkles, changing the background or even adding shine to the picture, they do it all.

You can of course hire a freelancer and get your job done, but that would be for a short duration. If you are looking for a long association,a photo retouching company would be a better choice. Remember that a company’s experience and portfolio always have an upper hand as compared to a freelancer.

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