Why Black and White Photography is Still a Trend

Black and white photography

Most of photographs are today in colors as people like to have natural pictures. It is naturally that we like to see colors of nature and what we are wearing in photos. But the days of black and white pictures are also back once again. Many people now ask photographers to take picture of an occasion or individual portraits in black and white. There are in fact many reasons for black and white photography making a comeback.

When color photography was no invented, photographers had to master their art a lot. This is because it was difficult to make a picture look beautiful in the absence of colors. But that was also the classical era when all arts have a touch of class. Modern photographers and some people want that touch of class in images. That is the reason that they go for black and white photography. So, as a trend, while a major portion of wedding photography takes place in colors, some photos of bride and groom and other guests are taken in black and white also.

So, why exactly black and white photography is trending? Here are some key reasons.

Focus on the Light

Since there are no colors, you can focus on the light aspect of a photograph. Colors can distract viewers. But it is the light that catches the viewers’ eye immediately in a black and white photo. You focus on the direction of the light. Quality of light is also very high in such photos. The photographers have a wide scope of playing with the different elements of light. So, there is an immense scope for creative to make a photo look classic and ageless.

Create Timeless Photos

Black and white photos are surely classic piece of work. You can notice that when viewing the photos from bygone era. Even today, you can create timeless photos of nature, wedding party, people in streets, without using colors to express the worries, happiness, joy, and other emotions of your time.

Highlight the Vacant Space

One of the advantages of black and white photography is that you can skillfully use the negative space. Negative space is the space that is lying vacant in a photograph. But this space is filled by colors in color photos. This area of the frame that has nothing can be highlighted when shooting in black and white. You can focus more on the area that is light and dark in the frame.

There is thus potential to explore the inter-relationship when playing with the negative space. You can easily separate your subject of the photo from its background. This technique gives added depth to the image in the photo.

Highlight Form, Pattern and Shape

Photographers in India use black and white photo techniques to create patterns and shape of their choice. They can explore the relationship between these elements. There are many connecting elements in the background and foregrounds. Black and white photography is the best to highlight these elements. The viewers can also notice these elements easily, which they miss in color photographs.

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