Travel Towards the Direction of Happiness with Virikson Morocco

Direction of Happiness

After very few years of traveling, it comes to me that people are tend to be happy when they want to. There is nothing you can do of the emptiness that is all over on you. I don’t know if it is scientifically proven or it has anything to do with intellects of the world but travel makes you wiser than a class room. I know you can’t do it every time but there are countless reasons to do it anyway.Although, it’s been very few years of my travelling experience but I have already learned a lot. I had a very fortunate childhood and still my family is quite supportive in most of the matters. Despite being lucky to have all the love from life, I felt no belongings from the same place, every day I wanted to fleet away. It was only hard to find the way but eventually I got the one.

Direction of Happiness

By living at one place, I had believed that life is supposed to find happiness but to deal with uncertainties. Travelling changed the mind and now the statement goes as Life is all about dealing with challenges and accepting realities happily. So, basically my happiness and fulfilment was lying in fleeting from every place that has boundaries to make me stay. UK, Spain and Morocco have been on my list for past few years. I have planned to visit each and every corner of these countries

Why travel brings and ultimate happiness?

Sometimes life leaves you with an only option and that s escaping. As I told you before, I was very fortunate by born but still there was no one to understand my madness of wanting to be somewhere else. No matter how happy and contaminate I was in life, there was a certain emptiness same as you see between the stars. Nights were my favourite because of the sky full of stars.

Mode of Happiness

  1. Travelling means better sleep

I had many sleepless night and never knew the reason of waking up for so late. I would lie down closing my eyes, not want to open but never went to sleep properly. Travelling did a great favour to me, after spending a whole day wandering or exploring, at the end I got a better sleep. In fact, I can sleep anywhere now, either on my flights, in a car or maybe in the jungle too (I haven’t tried sleeping in jungle yet!!).

  1. Different perspective

Your perspective towards life is all because of your surroundings, the voices and words you have been hearing from childhood have left the impact. It’s time to change the lenses of life, start looking at it with you own perspective. You might be wrong about various thing but atleast you are gaining lessons from life.

  1. Confidence

Mingle with the strangers, learn their story of life and live their lifestyle, it makes you more confident. Shyness will blow away, even if you think yourself as an introvert it might turn up to be an interesting introvert.

  1. Some personal time

When everybody in your circles loves, it gets suffocating sometimes. No matter how hard you try to have some alone time but they will never let you have it. So, travelling will help you get away for a very short period of time to enjoy yourself.

  1. Reality check

Most of the people have very glamourous view of travelling in their mind but reality is opposite. Travelling is really going to hit hard, it will challenge you at every moment (if you’re really travelling). It’s not about picking up a camera and safely wandering around the place but requires a lot of patience and sometime you have to learn to be rude too.

How to Feel Happiness

My experience has taught me that being an uncomfortable is the real comfort of happiness. Sitting at one place and not making any effort to move will always make you feel out of the world. The fact is you belong to every corner of it and it is you who have filled colours in life and world is shining because of your light. Travel a lot and stay happy!!

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