It is time to get personalized smartphones with name and photo printed on its back

Personalized Karbonn Mobiles

The is offering personalized phones to its customers across India by printing name and photo on its backside. The print is done in a monochrome pattern that looks beautiful by making a theme-print. It can be bought easily from there at reasonable price.

Had you ever thought that getting a phone with name and photo printed on it would be possible? It is possible now. All thanks to Printland for initiating such services. Now, you can get a personalized phone as new launch Karbonn mobiles are available for imprinting name and photo on it.

There is a huge collection of Karbonn phones at Printland with its popular models like Aura Sleek Plus, K9 Kavach, Titanium Frame, A9 Indian, A41 Power, K9 Smart Yuva, and Mahabali. Depending upon the use, you can buy Karbonn phones from the categories of feature phone and smartphone. Karbonn Mahabali is a high-end feature phone that keeps a battery of 5000mAh. This battery is capable of running many days. More to the benefits of its buyer, this phone keeps 4 LED lights. The shielded body of the phone protects it at the time of accidentally slip offs.

Smartphones of Karbonn are inbuilt with high processors to give a flawless and lag less experience to the users. The camera quality of Karbonn phone is good according to its price. All models are flash-enabled that allows the phone to capture colorful and candid pictures even in dark. Large display of phones allows its users to explore the maximum entertainment on the phone. Its Aura, Kavach, and Titanium Frame models are fingerprint sensor-enabled that allows you to protect your phone from unscrupulous users. No one can unlock your phone in your absence. Such facilities are essential for phones to prevent data theft. For such benefits, you can buy Karbonn phones.

The Printland provides new launch Karbonn phones only that are popular and full of features. If buying from Printland, the name and photo will be printed on the back body of the phone. In case, you want to give this phone to someone else as a gift, you can imprint his or her name and photo its backside body. This way, it will convey the emotion of more effectively to the receiver.

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