How to Prepare for a Road Trip Across the USA

Road Trip Across the USA

A road trip across the US is on a lot of people’s bucket list, but how many of us will actually try to do it in our life time? If you take the right steps to prepare yourself ahead of time, you’ll have a lot better chance of making it happen!

Make sure you’ve got the right vehicle.

Not every car will make it on the long drives and different types of terrain. Get a hardy sedan or an SUV like the 2017 Ford Edge to help you make it all the way around and back home safely.

Get your emergency supplies ready.

Since you’ll be driving, you need to have a solid emergency kit in your vehicle at all times. It should include some food and water, blankets, a flashlight, and a first aid kit. You can add more supplies if you think you may need something else in an emergency situation.

Map your route.

Know where you want to go before you head out. You can be flexible once you’re on the road, but it’s ideal to have a plan ahead of time to make sure you get everywhere you want to go. This will also allow you to budget for the trip more effectively, since you can plot roughly how many miles you’ll be driving and how many stops you’ll make along the way. Look for hotels and places to stay along the way.

Prepare contact information ahead of time.

You may have issues with phones or communication when you’re on the road, so make sure you write down key contacts before you head out. Include places you may need to stay or call ahead to reserve, so that you don’t unexpectedly end up sleeping in the car!

Bring your friends!

No one wants to go on the trip of a lifetime alone, right? Make a plan with your friends! It’s safer, and you’ll all end up splitting the costs, so it will be cheaper as well!

Road tripping across the US something you may only dream about, but you can make it a reality if you make your plan well enough beforehand. Take these steps and others to get yourself ready, then hit the road and enjoy your trip!

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