Get benefits of Lord & Taylor Credit Card with every purchase

A Lord and Taylor Credit Card enables you to get the best out of your purchases whether it’s in-store or online purchases.

A Lord & Taylor Credit Card brings you a whole new shopping experience with discounts and benefits at every purchase. The Lord and Taylor Card offers a new look and cardholders can enjoy 15% off on their purchases or save up to $100 on first day purchases with a new card. The company offers exclusive savings and discount events throughout the year.

Lord & Taylor is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, and it is the oldest departmental store chain in North America. The company is a subsidiary of the Hudson’s Bay Company, which is the oldest commercial corporation in North America.

Lord and Taylor operates store locations in the eastern, southern and Midwestern United States. The company operates 50 “flagship” and “destination” locations, the official website, and four L&T outlets.

Features and Benefits of Lord & Taylor Credit Card

It is recommended that you have a full understanding of the features, terms & conditions, and benefits of the L & T credit card before you make your application. There is an Annual Percentage Rate of 25.49% applicable for purchases and this APR may differ with the market depending on the Prime Rate. The due date for making the payment is at least 25 days after the close of the billing cycle.

To avoid interest on your new purchases, pay your previous balance by the due date every month. There is no annual fee for the credit card; however, the late payment fee could go up to $35. In case if you are charged with interest, it will be no less than $1. If you want to consolidate this payment you can apply for a small personal loan at Chase Bank.

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