Different Types of Materials Used for Car Body Kits

Car body kits are great way to change the style and appearance of your luxury vehicle. The variation in the price of the body kits is typically influenced by materials, manufacturing methods and scale. The first decision you need to make is to select the right type of material for your body kit parts. Whether you are looking for BMW Body Kits, Bentley Body Kits or Audi Body Kits, it is essential to carefully choose the material used in the car body kits considering the factors like durability, quality, weight and price. Body kit parts are generally available in a wide range of materials. Here is a glimpse of common materials used for making car body parts:

Fiberglass parts

Fiberglass parts are easy to produce, light weight and inexpensive. They also improve the aerodynamic flow of the car and enhance the overall aesthetic without adding extra weight. However, they may not reconcile those of polyurethane or ABS plastic parts. Even when the fiberglass parts are perfectly installed, these parts are still prone to damage due to unanticipated road hazards and debris.


Polyurethane also known as Urethane body components are least prone to driveway impacts and curb scrapes. These components require adhesive agents to be mixed into paint for properly adhering to the car. It allows the greatest durability and flexibility. When manufactured by a reputedmanufacturer, Polyurethane body kits have least incidence of pinholes and imperfections in casting as compared to fiberglass body parts.

ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is a thermoplastic blend of acrylonitrile, styrene polymers and polybutadiene rubber. Being resistant to chemicals and heat, it assures better protection against dents and is widely used by automobile manufacturers as original equipment for trim, bumper covers, and body panels. Like polyurethane, it is more expensive than fiberglass; however, it assures better fit and finish superior to fiberglass. ABS plastic is less flexible than polyurethane, but it’s a very easy surface for applying paint on it.

Carbon fiber

Cars with carbon fiber are usually more costly than other vehicles as it is expensive to produce and is often used on luxury car body kits such as Bentley Body Kits or Audi Body Kits, BMW body kits etc. As it is stronger and lighter material than steel, it assures better performance and efficiency in the long run. Due to its high energy absorption rate than steel, it also increases safety in collision. It is commonly used in high performance street and racing cars. However, carbon fiber parts are very expensive and cannot be replaced when it is damaged.


Composite is a combination of various materials. These materials are combined scientifically to derive benefit of each of them. For instance, Durable is a combination of fiberglass, plastic and resins used in body car kits. It is much light weight, flexible and durable than fiberglass. You need to choose car body kits considering various factors like price, quality, material, reputation and expertise of manufacturer etc. However, it is equally important to carefully choose the shop to install your body kit parts. They should have expertise in to adjust, blend, and finesse the fit the body kit parts skilfully.

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