Camping Trip: Best Buddy for Your Electronic Equipment

Camping Trip Best Buddy for Your Electronic Equipment

With the invention of electric came electronic camping equipment (yes, a few steps may have been skipped in that retelling of how electronic equipment was created). But, the need for some extra goodies and helpful accessories to go with your electronic equipment and make your camping trip even more enjoyable.

Inflatable Solar Lantern

There are many inflatable solar lanterns on the market, and they will be an easy find. The best thing about solar lights is that they are powered by the sun. Once you set it in direct sunlight for a set amount of hours (most lanterns say seven to eight hours), the battery can last up to 24 hours on a single charge.

The LED lights allow the lantern to be light-weight and bright with up to seventy-five lumens (of course, the more you pay, the brighter your view will be). And most come with more than one mode to light your scenery.

Solar lanterns are rechargeable and need no cords. You can also attach them to a backpack when you’re walking in the dusky hours to help others see you.

Smart Outdoor Watch

Of course, no one wants to be without their smart gadgets, so make sure to purchase a smartwatch before you go into the woods. Using a smartwatch will help eliminate the need to carry your phone but give you all the perks of being connected online. All smartwatches come with GPS, Bluetooth, and are ready to connect to your phone number for texts and calls. This type of watch is something to protect you and your family in case you get lost in the woods or if you cannot find where you want to set up camp.

Solar Powered Battery Charger

As with the solar-powered light, the solar-powered battery charger can be a must-have while camping. One of the battery chargers comes with a portable solar power bank that can be left in the sun to recharge any batteries you would need. Check to see how many panels and how high the capacity goes (an example would be 20,000mAh), can help you know what the best charger for your camping needs.

Outdoor Multi-Tool

While you can swing a stick and any multi-tool in a camping store, it is have-to-have. Multi-tools come with six or more preparation tools strapped to one convenient, and easy to store handle (most times). They are multi-functional and can be used for tasks like hammering tent stakes into the ground to popping a metal cap off of a bottle. Other tools can be used for cooking, cutting, and cleaning. Most are made out of a sturdy metal that won’t crack or dent under the pressure of using it often.

Portable Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellent seems like a no brainer, especially when camping in the woods. However, using an electric or solar-powered repellent will save you and your family from having to bring along extra spray cans and worry about DEET. Finding portable mosquito repellent to move around your campsite is great for when you are sleeping and want to take it with you on hikes.

Many of the portable repellents out today have a large area of protection, around fifteen feet or more. And the batteries can last up to 12 hours straight. If you are going fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, or another outdoor activity, portable repellant is a great tool to take with you.

Petite Pocket Blanket

It’s not a surprise that a petite pocket blanket is easy to carry. Folding and unfolding it to get to the right size again may take some practice though. These blankets are usually nylon or polyester with a durable material that will not tear easily. Many of the blankets also come with small weights to stop the blanket from flying when the wind kicks up.

Some blankets can fit one to two adults. For larger areas, make sure to check out the width and length sizes.

Portable Wood Burning Campstove

So, technically, being in the woods and camping means you don’t have to bring an oven with you. However, having a portable wood-burning camp stove can help you on the blustery nights when starting a fire is difficult. Having a base to use on the grassy or rocky ground can help stabilize your fire so it is safe and won’t have the problem of starting a fire outside the camp stove.

These types of camp stoves can also come with a cooking countertop and use dry twigs, leaves, and other forms of nature findable around your campsite.

First Aid Flashlight

Making sure to have a flashlight in your first aid kit is a smart idea when trying to help someone out in the dark or when a part of nature gets stuck in a finger, and the sun won’t cooperate. Not only is a flashlight great in times of need and emergencies (some first aid flashlights say they are great in earthquake-prone areas or for other exposed natural disasters).

Waterproof Lighter

Finding a great waterproof lighter is something many may not think about until they are trying to light a fire in light rain, which seems excessive, but it is necessary to keep warm on some nights.

Waterproof lighters can be rechargeable and windproof and can always help you out in a bind.

Boot Dryer

A boot dryer is a great tool to have for when you get caught in the rain, stuck in some mud, or have to cross a stream you didn’t realize was on your path. Walking around in wet shoes can cause blisters and some funky stuff to grow. To prevent that from happening to have a boot dryer in your supplies can save you.

The excellent thing is that there are boot dryers that work without electricity or batteries, and can dry your shoes or boots within four to six hours. They improve hygiene by reducing the growth of fungus.

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