Investing Money for a New Kitchen

Last year, I bought a new house and wanted to change the kitchen. The kitchen that was already there did not meet my requirements and I wanted a kitchen that suits the rest of my interior. Besides, the old kitchen was close to breaking down and should be replaced within a year anyway. In order to pay for my kitchen, I invested via IUVO P2P Investment. You can read more honest reviews about IUVO P2P Investment on the independent review site: BritainReviews . But I want to tell you my personal story of how I invested and spend the money on my new kitchen.

The Benefit of Investments

The benefit of investing your money is that your money has more chance to grow than when it is idle on your savings account. Banks, I knew way before I considered moving, that the interest of my savings wouldn’t get me far. Therefore, I decided to invest some money so I would have some savings by the time I wanted to move to another house. The benefit of IUVO, in particular, is that it’s a peer-to-peer investment company. You invest in companies that request a loan. They will use the loan to expand their company, buy supplies and make their company grow. You will get your money back with interest and perhaps some extra savings. It seemed pretty safe to me, especially if you can find some risk-free companies that you can lend your money to.

The Downside of Investments

One of the downsides of investing your money is that it’s always a risk. You can lose all the money that you invested in shares, loans and companies. That is why I started investing well before I wanted to move. Then, you can still take a risk. And, as I mentioned above, It’s not a solution if you are in need of some quick money. Investing takes time. Another reason why you might not want to invest is that you should know what you are doing. As a CEO or a large company, I have some experience with investments and know what (not) to do. For others, the investment world is complicated and you need a professional to help and advise you.

Did it Pay Off?

Now, you want to know if the effort paid off. I did not make as much money as I expected. I had hoped these investments would get me some more cash so I could redecorate the entire house. That wasn’t the case, although more investments and riskier investments might have helped. But I was able to fund an entire kitchen including new kitchen appliances such as a refrigerator, oven and microwave. I was even able to buy the new espresso machine that I have wanted for quite some time. Do mind that it took me a year or two to get something out of it. You shouldn’t expect your wealth to grow within a few months. In my case, it worked out for the better, but that won’t be the case for everyone.

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